About Jaa$


The First & Only Lady of IIFIIF is rightfully also the game-changer. Jaa$ is the new wave of R&B! This Miami native was raised in the DMV, and spent most of childhood in New York with her father. Jaa$ ascension to adulthood began in Chicago where she considers it a critical influence in her approach to life and music...

“Chicago fed my hunger for expression. I needed a place to learn, go broke and be broken.. I needed to craft and be molded.. I became me here, I became fearless, Chicago gave me that”.

Through sultry-soprano, and pretty falsetto-riffs that hit harder than her contemporaries, Jaa$ echoes the world’s cry with colorful expression, while rightfully taking that journey through the joy of love and pitfall of lust.

Mix and match is the game she plays with melodic, smooth, velvet- like vocals on heavy-hitting bass. Her musical inspiration ranges from pop culture influences like Drake, Beyonce, and PND to classical muses like Sade, Erykah Badu, and Nina Simone. With releases, visuals and performances across the city, Jaa$ is gearing up for a breakout year in which she plans to let us inside the beautifully twisted, yet undeniably relative world of her Storybook come Fall 17".